Addiction Treatment in Bensalem

Addiction treatment in Bensalem is a process. Programs for addiction treatment provide a spectrum of services for people in all stages of their recovery. You'll enter a drug rehab to undergo detox, and there you will meet with a counselor to determine a good strategy for your recovery. Asking for help is often the most difficult step. Once you agree that you need treatment for your drug addiction, you will be able to find the help you need in Bensalem and the surrounding area. Treatment for addiction is necessary to ensure that you live the best life possible free from drugs and alcohol.

Understanding the Need for Addiction Treatment in Bensalem

Addiction is a physical and emotional dependence on drugs or alcohol. If you try to quit drinking or using drugs on your own and you always find yourself returning to the substance, you are probably addicted. Your body craves the substance, and when you try to stop, you will have withdrawal symptoms that can be stopped when you use again. This is why so many people relapse when they don't go to drug rehab and try to detox at home. Programs for addiction treatment provide the necessary support you need during the withdrawal process. Once you have physically removed drugs or alcohol from your system, you will then begin working on the emotional side of sobriety. There are triggers that lead to substance abuse, and in therapy you will address your triggers and learn better coping strategies.

The Phases of Addiction Treatment in Bensalem

The first phase in drug rehab is to have an assessment completed. Your overall health will be checked, and you will be asked many questions about your substance abuse. Programs for addiction treatment develop a treatment plan after the assessment so that you get all of the services that you need to begin your journey of sobriety.

Once an assessment is done, you will go through a period of detox. Most people go through medically-assisted detox, as this is the safest way to withdraw from drugs or alcohol. Removing drugs or alcohol from your body can produce symptoms that vary in severity from simply irritating to life threatening. Medical detox in Bensalem allows you to be supervised during the withdrawal process so that you remain safe throughout.

A short stay in a drug rehab is generally next. If you are newly sober and you have no history of recovery, you can expect to stay in programs for addiction treatment for several months or more once you have gone through detox. If you have recently relapsed, you may be ready to return home after a few weeks if you have the support you need.

For people who are nervous about their newly found recovery, the next phase of treatment can be a program that is on an inpatient basis. You'll have support 24 hours a day to help you learn more about sobriety and how to prevent a relapse. People who don't have a support network at home, or those living in an environment that led to their addiction will benefit from treatment in an inpatient facility. Patients who have a support network at home can attend treatment on an outpatient basis and return home each night.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Bensalem

Ongoing treatment is generally necessary for successful addiction treatment in Bensalem. Both traditional methods such as 12-step groups and individual therapy, and non-traditional methods to reduce stress are always recommended. When you combine 12-step work, therapy and relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga, you will build a strong foundation to help you along your recovery journey.

Your goal overall should be relapse prevention and living a healthier, more balanced life. Learning how to calm yourself down without the use of substances will help you stay sober. Meeting new people who are also in recovery will give you a stronger support network. Living without substances may seem overwhelming at first, but the lifestyle becomes easier with the more skills you develop. When you can reduce your stress levels by attending an exercise class or by eating a healthier diet, you will be less likely to relapse.

Stay committed to your sobriety, and don't be afraid to reach out when you need help. The more you are able to recognize your need for support, the less likely you are to relapse. Call Bensalem Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (215) 240-7385.

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