Alcohol Withdrawal in Bensalem, IL

Alcohol withdrawal in Bensalem occurs when you stop drinking and your body is addicted to alcohol. If you are a heavy drinker and you've been consuming alcohol for a long time, your withdrawal process is going to be difficult. While some individuals try to avoid going to a drug and alcohol rehab, it is vital to get help if you are trying to stop drinking on your own. The withdrawal process from alcohol always requires supervision, as it can be dangerous or even life threatening to try it on your own at home. Treatment for alcohol withdrawal begins with detox, and continues throughout your life to prevent a relapse.

Understanding the Basics of Alcohol Withdrawal in Bensalem

When you want to quit drinking alcohol, it can be dangerous to do it on your own at home. You need treatment for alcohol withdrawal because symptoms that start slowly can quickly get out of control. At a drug and alcohol rehab, you will get the support you need to manage your symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Your body is addicted to the substance. As you take away the alcohol from your body, it will begin to crave the substance. This produces symptoms such as shaking, irritability, depression, fevers and more. If your withdrawal is bad, these symptoms can get worse, leading to seizures, coma and even death. At a rehab facility, you will get the monitoring you need to withdraw from alcohol safely. Prescription medications will be used to keep your symptoms under control and to keep you physically safe from the side effects.

Why People Get Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Your withdrawal symptoms at a drug and alcohol rehab can be severe. If you start the process at home and you begin experiencing any symptoms of withdrawal, you need help right away before your symptoms become worse. You get symptoms depending on how much alcohol you have been drinking, and how long you have been a problem drinker. If you quit cold turkey, you are more likely to experience severe withdrawal. If you are a long-term alcohol abuser, you will need careful observation at a treatment for alcohol withdrawal facility in your area.

Why Alcohol Withdrawal in Bensalem is Dangerous

A drug and alcohol rehab facility is necessary because the symptoms of withdrawing from alcohol can get life threatening very quickly. A person who doesn't get treatment for alcohol withdrawal can begin to have symptoms and confusion can set in. If they become confused, they won't even know that they need help.

Signs and Symptoms That You Are Addicted to Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is widely prevalent in today's society. If you find yourself always thinking about when you are going to get your next drink, you could be addicted. If you make plans around drinking all the time, you probably have a problem. When you try to quit drinking on your own but you aren't successful, you need help for alcohol addiction. When your life has become unmanageable because of alcohol, you are addicted. When you can't control your drinking and it has a negative effect on your life, treatment for alcohol addiction is available.

Alcohol withdrawal takes about a week to get through the acute stage of withdrawing from alcohol. While it may take a few more weeks to feel back to normal, you are out of the danger zone after the first week to ten days. At this stage, relapse prevention in Bensalem will save an addict from potentially fatal overdose if they begin using again. Once you remove alcohol from your system, it is vital to continue working through a drug rehab program to get control of your addiction.

As you go through the recovery process, pay attention to others around you. Your best chances at successful sobriety begin with your ability to learn from those around you and build up a support network. You should be working closely with an individual therapist so that you can talk through problems that come up for you with a professional. When you begin to rely on your support network, you will have an easier time staying sober. Surround yourself with people who are making positive changes in your life, and stay away from those who you have encouraged you to drink alcohol in the past. The more you can be positive about the changes in your life, the better chances you have of maintaining sobriety. Call Bensalem Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (215) 240-7385.

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