Drug Withdrawal in Bensalem, IL

When you are ready to cope with drug withdrawal in Bensalem, it's time to locate a drug rehab in the area that you can feel comfortable in. Treatment for drug withdrawal is generally medically-assisted detox so that you can stay safe while you withdraw from the substances you are addicted to. While you may be nervous about beginning a life of sobriety, your first step is to ask for help with your drug addiction. The withdrawal process is difficult, but with the right help, you will successfully remove the drugs from your system and be able to move forward with your sobriety.

How Drug Withdrawal in Bensalem Works

Treatment for drug withdrawal begins right after you go through an assessment to determine the best course of action to begin your sober journey. At a drug rehab, you will begin the process of withdrawal on an inpatient basis. Most people go through a medically-assisted detox because the symptoms of withdrawal can be overwhelming. The symptoms occur when you stop using the substance you are addicted to and your body begins to crave the drugs you were actively abusing. Symptoms of drug withdrawal can start within hours of your last use, and continue for more than a week. Symptoms will vary depending on the substance you are addicted to, the length of use, and the amount you were using.

The Length of Drug Withdrawal in Bensalem

How long your treatment for drug withdrawal will last depends on a variety of factors. In general, you can expect to go through the withdrawal process for at least a week to ten days. Your drug rehab stay will depend on how severe your symptoms become and how well you recover from the detox process.

Opiate withdrawal can cause symptoms to occur for up to thirty days, sometimes even a bit longer. If you are addicted to Codeine, Vicodin, or Heroin, for example, your symptoms can also start to go away after seven days in a drug rehab facility. Treatment for drug withdrawal symptoms from opiates may include medication for pain, irritability, exhaustion, or nausea. While the symptoms of opiate withdrawal are not generally life threatening, they are uncomfortable and can lead to a quick relapse if you try to withdraw at home.

Withdrawing from alcohol is more serious than all other drugs. When you try to detox on your own at home from alcohol, you can quickly become dangerously sick. While the symptoms may start out small, such as shakiness or sweating, they can quickly escalate and become life threatening. When you withdraw from alcohol, you'll need treatment for medical detox in Bensalem to do so safely. Alcohol withdrawal can cause fevers, delerium tremens, seizures, coma and even death.

Cocaine withdrawal can begin within an hour or two of your last use. The first symptoms are usually an inability to concentrate, and a feeling of impending doom. It takes some time to withdraw from cocaine, up to ten days or more. When you try to detox at home, this generally leads to a relapse because the symptoms are quickly gone after using again.

Deciding If You're an Addict and Need Treatment for Drug Withdrawal in Bensalem

Knowing when you have crossed the line from recreational use of alcohol to alcohol addiction is hard for most people. Even recreational use of illegal drugs does not always mean you have an addiction. If you find yourself unable to stop using and you've made a solid effort, you are probably addicted to the substance you are using. When you start to use pain medications more often than they are prescribed, you are developing a tolerance to the medication. This can lead to an addiction if it is not monitored carefully.

When you find yourself constantly thinking of opportunities to drink or use drugs, you are probably addicted. If your life is becoming unmanageable because of your substance abuse, you need help for your addiction.

Treatment Possibilities for Drug Withdrawal

Medically-assisted detox is generally the safest way to withdraw from drugs or alcohol. The time period you spend in detox may be a few days up to a few weeks, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Once the drugs or alcohol are cleared from your system, you will begin a period of rehabilitation to help you address your substance abuse and learn what your triggers are. Call Bensalem Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (215) 240-7385.

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