Medical Detox in Bensalem, IL

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and want to stop, it's time for a medical detox in Bensalem to get you safely through the withdrawal period. The medical detox process can be difficult, depending on the substance you are trying to clear from your body. When you withdraw from drugs or alcohol and in a drug and alcohol medical detox facility, your side effects will be treated. You will be watched carefully by medical providers, and given medication you may need to keep your symptoms under control.

Understanding Medical Detox in Bensalem

Medically-assisted detox is when you withdraw from drugs or alcohol under the supervision of trained medical professionals. Drug withdrawal in Bensalem deals with symptoms that can range from mild agitation, to heavy sweating, shaking, and even seizures, depending on the substance you are coming off of. In a drug and alcohol medical detox center, you will be observed for symptoms as the drugs or alcohol you are addicted to leave your body. The medical detox process can take a week or more, as the drugs or alcohol leave. Once your symptoms have abated, you will move on to a drug rehabilitation program to help you identify triggers for your addiction and learn new ways to cope.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Medical Detox in Bensalem

The severity of your withdrawal symptoms and the type of symptoms you have will depend on several factors. Through the medical detox process, your symptoms will be observed carefully. If you are withdrawing from alcohol, you may experience disorientation, shaking, sweating, irritability or feelings of hopelessness. These symptoms can quickly become severe, leading to a seizure, coma, and even death. Withdrawal from alcohol is the most serious substance to withdraw from in a drug and alcohol medical detox.

Withdrawal from opiates such as prescription pain medications and illegal drugs like heroin often produce stomach related symptoms. Individuals in a drug and alcohol medical detox withdrawing from opiates struggle with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and irritability. Medications may be used to help reduce the symptoms and make symptoms more comfortable.

If you are withdrawing from cocaine, you can begin to feel symptoms within an hour of your last use. You may begin to feel very low, lethargic and confused. The reason most people need a medical detox process to come off of drugs is because using the substance when symptoms start gets rid of the withdrawal symptoms. Your best chance at sobriety comes from going through a drug and alcohol medical detox program to safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

The Dangers of Trying to Withdraw From Drugs and Alcohol at Home

When you try to detox from drugs on your own, you are putting yourself at risk. The hardest drug to detox from is alcohol, and symptoms can get serious very quickly. Even if you only have mild symptoms in the beginning, they can escalate and become life threatening. Once your symptoms start, you may begin to get disoriented. This can lead you to tremors, seizures and even death if you aren't with it enough to ask for help.

When you try to withdraw from other substances, the symptoms can become so overwhelming that a relapse can be expected. While you might be successful at coming off of drugs on your own at home, the chances of relapse are just about 100%. Get the help you need at a medical detox in Bensalem when you are ready to get your life back together.

The Importance of Entering a Medical Detox in Bensalem

Once you have decided to live a sober life, it's important to enter a medical detox facility to begin your journey. While you may be nervous about going, or afraid your boss will find out, getting help for a drug addiction is always your best choice. When you enter a detox program, you will be able to withdraw from drugs or alcohol safely. You will have the support you need through the process, and you will learn some tools to help you along your journey of sobriety. When you are ready to stop drugs or alcohol, it's time to meet for an assessment at a medical detox to determine what the next step is for you. Asking for help for your drug addiction is the best thing you can do to get sober. Call Bensalem Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (215) 240-7385.

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